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"The track tip-toes methodically down a dark tunnel, the duet countering with a ray of light.” ~ BuzzBands

Their unique brand of cemetery pop unites Rickey Lumpkin II’s dark keyboard landscapes with the brave melodies and soaring vocals of Tracy Lorin.  The volatile mixture is tethered solidly in place by the unwavering rhythms of drummer, Matt Lucich. The music has become an act of self-discovery and transformation, equal parts mad science and deep human longing, coaxing audiences to discover what has been waiting for them silently, seductively: The gravitational pull of their own souls.



The Rose (Pasadena)
The Satellite (LA)
The Hotel Cafe (LA)
The Viper Room (LA)
House of Blues (LA)
The Silverlake Lounge (LA)
The Study (LA)
Bar Sinister (LA)
The Lovecraft Bar (Portland)
Black Forest (Eugene)
Mirkwood (Arlington)
The Autry Museum (LA)
The Wayfarer (Costa Mesa)
Labyrinth Masquerade Ball (LA)


"Haunting synths and scattered electronic beats help the mystic imagery feel both mysterious and modern. " ~  The Vinyl District
"Soaring off of endless euphoria the group transports listeners to another galaxy." ~  EDM Boutique
"...... music is dark and alternative, blending unusual tonalities with modern structures and melodies."  ~  GroundSounds
"A dark, haunting melody with stunning vocals, and a pop undertone that kicks into high gear in the chorus. It is captivatingly beautiful, blending two seemingly polar opposite thresholds, gothic and dance/electronica, almost seamlessly"  ~  Planet Stereo
"Tracy and RickEy combine an electronic mix with dark, intense but undoubtedly hypnotic and lush, cinematic arrangements."  ~  Little Indie Bands



Sync Licensing

Sweet On Top/Kristina Benson